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Körfez Restaurant serves specialties of Aegean cuisine, Crete in particular. The Crete cuisine is known to be miraculously healthy. Subaşı family the owner of the Körfez Restaurant is originally from Crete and they keep serving their original specialties.

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Körfez style fish soup: Celery is the key…

Scorpionfish is preferred but can be made by any kind. The fish is brought to a boil with an onion after being cleaned and washed. The fish is taken out of the broth and the meat is broken up to big and small pieces. Butter is roasted with some flour and the mixture is added to the broth. Carrot, celery and potato are cut into small pieces and will be added to the broth with some salt. When the vegetables are cooked fish meat can be added. The broth will marinated with lemon and eggs after being removed from the heat.




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